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Uwajima Castle

Uwajima Castle is one of the 12 original castles in Japan that still has its three storied keep (donjon) intact. The castle is a “hill top castle” (hirayama-jiro) with a splendid view over the city of Uwajima which spreads out around the castle. Although the castle is small it is more than worth a visit.

This castle, that occupies a strategic location at the heart of the city, was constructed 1596-1601 by the Daimyo Tôdô Takatora (1556-1630). The castle was repaired and expanded in 1671 by the Date Munetóshi ((1634–1708); clan in 1671. About 60% of the original castle's ground is lost, but over 100,000 square meters remaining and also lots of well-preserved stone walls.

Close to the castle is also the Date Museum with artifacts and impressive suits of armor.  

As early as 1937 Uwajima Castle was designated as an important cultural property of Japan. In 1963 the Noboritachi Gate, the oldest of its kind in Japan, at the southern entrance was designated as a municipal cultural treasure.

Another attraction in Uwajima is the Bullfight Arena. But you can relax, this is not the Spanish version, this is the Japanese. Two bulls compete in a ring, loser is the one whose knees first touch the ground or flees from the ring.

Getting there
Uwajima is located at the island of Shikoku´s west coast. If you travel with Shinkansen you change train at Okayama and from there the JR Shiokaze Limited Express takes about  4 hours to  Uwajima. From Uwajima JR Station it is about a 20 minutes’ walk to the castle. - All about kendo

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