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Four trails to the summit

There are four trails to the summit of Mount Fuji, each divided into 10 stations.  Depending which trail you choose most climbs start at about 1,400m to 2,475m (4,600-7,900 ft.), the Go-go-me, the 5th Station. Most popular trail from Tokyo is the Kawaguchiko located on 2400  metres. From there it takes 5- 6 hours to reach the summit and 3-4 hours for the descent.
There are four major routes/trails from the fifth station on different sides of Mount Fuji  to the summit:

Kawaguchiko 5th station 

At 2350 meters, Yoshida Trail, Ascent: 5-7 hours, Descent: 3-5 hours

Subashiri 5th station

At 1950 meters, Subashiri Trail, Ascent: 5-8 hours, Descent: 3-5 hours

Gotemba 5th station

At 1440 meters, Gotemba Trail, Ascent: 7-10 hours, Descent: 3-6 hours

Fujinomiya 5th station     

At 2400 meters, Fujinomiya trail, Ascent: 4-7 hours, Descent: 2-4 hours

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