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Mount Fuji summit

The first ascent to reach the summit was by an anonymous monk in in 663.  In 1860 Sir Rutherford Alcock became the first foreigner, who climbed from the foot of Mount Fuji to the top in 8 hours. The first foreign woman to ascend the summit was Lady Fanny Parkes, wife of the British Ambassador Sir Harry Parkes. Mt. Fuji is classified as an active volcano even though it hasn't erupted since 1707.

The crater

The crater at the summit is 600 meters in diameter and 250 meters deep. It will take you around 90 minutes to walk the approximately 4 km around the rim. This walking around the crater is called  “Ohachi-meguri” which refers to a “hachi” which means bowl. At the summit you find 8 peaks including the Kengamine Peak which is the TOP of JAPAN, 3776 meters above sea level. To follow the “ancient rules” you have to circle the crater clockwise. If there is snow at the rim or the weather is too bad this tour is not permitted.

A Shinto tori and a Shrine

If you choose the Yoshída and Kawaguchiko trail you find a Shinto tori gate, the the Kuzushi-jinja Shrine and some shops known as “Fuji-Ginza” at the mountain top. There is also toilets but also a mail box. At the summit is also Mt. Fuji meteorological observatory.

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