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Climbing - You don´t need to be experienced

You do not need to be an experienced climber but you must be prepared that after all it is not an easy hiking. You can see all ages in the track, often well prepared when the mountain can be whimsical. Sun, high winds, rain and even hail at times but the hike is worth every minute. The main challenge of the climb is that it is very strenuous and the air gets notably thinner as you gain altitude. But to climb Mount Fuji can most handle, all you need is the will.   Dela och lagg till rubrik

Sleep over on the same day

any are planning their climb so they can sleep over at one of the stations at the trails and continue early morning to the top.  Others go up and down the same day. Expect that the stations are fairly simple but it's part of the charm. On weekends in July and August it can get crowded both on the track and in the cabins so you should reserve accommodation. Therefore, try to climb the mountain during weekdays.

Good luck and “stop” altitude sickness

At the track you will also find tree trunks where small denomination coins are stuck in the cracks. Referring to popular belief this is done partly for good luck during the climb while others want this to “stop” altitude sickness.

A fantastic view

Once you get up on top of Mount Fuji and it's a clear day with no clouds, you reward a fantastic view where Japan is at your feet. At the top, you can also walk around the crater, it takes about an hour the summit is a 1-hour hiking trail That circles the crater. Hikers then begin the descent, Reaching the 5th Station before noon.


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